Camelia Mihailescu

I always wanted to have an animal, but my mother not accepted. So when I maried my father in law gave me gift a german shepard puppy ,I loved very much but after 1 year was poison and died in my arms.
Since that moment I started to feed animals from streets ,took care cats which came in the yard I lived.
I moved at  apartment in a block and I started to feed and sterilisation the cats from that area. Dogs were not in that place because people took them in their homes when our last president Basescu stated to kill them in 2000.
In every place were I worked I sterilisation all animals and took care how long I worked there.
In 2005 I moved again at house and from than I could help more animals.When we moved I did the atic special for cats ( the house has only 2 rooms ,atic and a small room in basement ).I took all animals from block and also 4 dogs from place were I lived before ,the dogs were lived in a storage and the ownwers wanted to throw the dogs and I took them .Also we bought the house with a sweet girl in the yard and the owner told he wants to let and sure I accepted. So from 10 years I try to save and help more animals ,but sure the most important is to find adopters because I can not keep them all.And I know is better for them to have family than at me were are too many animals.
In this moment I have 12 dogs , 4 will can be adopt ,others 8 no ( are old ,or difficult behaviour ) and 23 cats in the atic .Also I have 4 cats in an apartment from a friend which died. I take care also 7 dogs in a storage yard,the owner is not interest to take care of them ,but wants to stay there for guard the place.
My life are animals,I know for many people is difficult to understand ,I not have many friends ,I have animals,I love them more than people ,I  recognize.
5 years ago I was very ill panic attack for 6 months and I can say I live now because of animals.I wanted to be ok and I was at doctor ,I am still in treatment ,I was thinking :  what happen with animals if I will not be here …